Jim Murtagh is an alt country singer/ songwriter from New York City. He is 6'1'', 175 pounds, and takes 20 mgs of fluoxetine daily.

Jim got his start playing music in high school hopping between various bands in the Westchester, NY music scene. Jim and his friends would play garages, parties, church basements, bbq's, town picnics, anywhere they could. 


Upon moving to NYC Jim joined the Brooklyn based indie band Skinny Blonde as the permanent drummer and co-songwriter. He remained with the band for their entire run. 

In 2016 Jim began playing out on his own influenced by traditional folk and country as well as the alternative, punk, and emo bands that he found in his teens. 

In June 2019, Jim self released his debut album, "I Feel God in This Chili's Tonight".

photos by Rick Perez (@goodtimerickstudios)
© 2020 by Jim Murtagh.

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